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May 16, 1987 [21 Oct 2009|08:57pm]
Spectral Moon day 15
Year of the Red Resonant Moon

kin 223: Blue Lunar Night
I Polarize in order to Dream
Stabilizing Intuition
I seal the Input of Abundance
With the Lunar tone of Challenge
I am guided by the power of Vision
Dream Away

If liberty means anything [04 Mar 2009|12:42am]

stumble always has the creepiest insight

Dream Away

The English Patient, Michael Ondaatje [29 Jan 2009|07:32pm]
 A postcard. Neat handwriting fills the rectangle. 

Half my days I cannot bear to touch you. 

The rest of the time I feel it doesn't matter

if I ever see you again. It isn't the mortality,

it is how much you can bear.

Dream Away

[02 Dec 2008|11:58pm]
that was hard.
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things that piss me off [26 Jun 2008|10:29pm]
[ mood | angry ]

or just one. just beacuse I cant go back to studying w.o getting this off my chest

anorexia is not a FAD. its is not something cute, like a dress you can try on once. Its not a fucking light switch that you can turn on or off. its a DISEASE. its a disorder that takes YEARS of therapy and strong will power and mental power to overcome.
so fuck you, everyone who "wants" an ED so bad. "I want to be skinny, oh well why dont I just become anorexia for the month?" fuck you. people who do this make me sick. lets see them sound so EXCITED after they have spent hours in the bathroom throwing up frantically, or after eating nothing but water for a week and suffering from hunger pains, or waking up EVERY morning hating yourself so much that you want to die and all you can think about all day is how much you HATE yourself.
dont ever joke around about how you wish that you could have the "willpower" to become a bulimic and oh if only you were anorexic you too could be so skinny, and oh how i wish, how i wish, how i wish.
AND FURTHERMORE, just beacuse you didnt eat for three days, or went on a liquid diet for a week doesnt make you an anorexic. you telling me about how HARD it was for you to not eat for 3 days, and omygod you must now surely be anorexic but good thing you recovered? you little piece of shit, good for nothing twat. if it were that easy, well then some of us would be much happier people. thats not even close to hardship.
fuck you.
and for that matter, fuck you people who make fun of eating disorders. fuck you. oh yeah cuse your "ja ja, anorexics are sooo dumb" and "Dont feed the models" and "oh well i am not eating, i am being anorexic today" jokes are soooooo hilarious. fuck you. may you someday suffer a mental disorder where you cant even breathe from the panic you get after having a healthy meal. yeah lets make fun of a disease that kills PERFECTLY normal people. or people who are like "oh ja ja, you didnt eat your sandwich, careful dont want people to think you are anorexic" FUCK YOU. I am sick of hearing people make fun of something they think is harmless, and a FAD and something that people can control. NEWS FLASH: we didnt wake up in the morning and WISH for an ED. its not like I was in barnes and noble buying a book when i was like omygod. i am going to become an anorexic. I think i will be able to control the side effects and addictive feeling. who cares if my hair is falling out and my teeth are yellow? anorexia seems perfectly harmless. NO WRONG. you cant control it. you cant predict it. and i would really appriciate it if you could shut your fucking mouth and stop judging people. people who suffer from ED;s are not stupid. they KNOW its bad for them. dont comment on how "anyone could be soooo stupid as to become anorexic". beacuse its not a CHOICE.
so you can take all of your stupid judgements and wishes and freakig shut.the.fuck.up.

fuck you. fuck you. fuck you. fuck you. fuck you.

WHEW. ok i feel better. :D back to work jajaja!
loves loves

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[04 Oct 2006|01:24pm]
[ mood | blank ]

we're so mortal.
you and I

you dont want to deal with all the heavy shit? well fuck you. beacuse this is life. people die. people die and we cant help them, we cant help our friends in pain, we cant.

pati and me are in a profession where death is so common and yet we arent trained for this. we're not ready. I'm not ready.
goddamn it, how does one go about. how do i tell these girls that its going to take a while before it hits them, that its going to take a while to forget? here i am murmering its going to be ok, when i know the truth. my truth to say the least.

the nightmares are back.

Chiqui, te tenedremos en nuestros corazones siempre.
Descanza en paz, y que Dios te cuide.

[27 Apr 2006|11:53am]
[ mood | infuriated ]

you never ASK to be raped
no matter how you dress, your ethnicity, anything


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death cab concert [13 Apr 2006|12:57am]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

total and utter content.

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[09 Feb 2006|04:08pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

get out of my head get out of my head get out of my head get out of my head get out of my head get out of my head get out of my head....

I hate how even the little things remind me of you. or my illusion of you.
heck anything works.

live in the now live in the now live in the now live in the now
that too.

heres the deal [27 Sep 2005|08:13pm]
[ mood | angry ]

I cannot deal with any more poeple fucking up their lives this way...


geeze, fucking RETARDS

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[14 Sep 2005|07:05pm]
[ mood | blank ]

I wish the world would stop moving for one moment

or better yet...

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[06 Sep 2005|12:26am]
my parents leave tommrrow
.... i am freaking out
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I gots me a CALL PHONE [29 Aug 2005|01:46pm]
[ mood | amused ]

I promise to do the name thigns as soon as i get internet which does not cost an arm/foot/ lung
and tottally WACK. pero fue RE CHEVRE
got a new cel
WRITE IT DOWN NOW: 617-275-1855
loves loves loves

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All the cool kids are doing it [23 Aug 2005|07:50pm]
[ mood | artistic ]

* Reply with your name and I'll respond with something random about you.
* I'll tell you what song/movie reminds me of you.
* I'll say something that only makes sense to you and me (if possible).
* I'll tell you my first memory of you.
* I'll tell you what food you remind me of.
* I'll ask you something that I've always wondered about you.
* If I do this for you, you must post this on your journal

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Hello Hello!! [22 Aug 2005|11:35pm]
[ mood | dancy ]

te je je. LOVES IT
I LEAVE IN #3 days. thats like nothing
Pati and me have been partying since friday
- Dancing. all night long. so long the disco turns on the lights
And we keep dancing
- Hanging out with Andre. I love him. he rocks my socks (i lost my multicoloured socks btw :( sob)
- Going through the Facebook craze again. Now i am wondering, should i Facebook more cute guys?
- watching NAPOLEAN DYNAMITE. yes yes i am going to see it alone (as soon as i am doine posting) but hey its better then nothing right? One day I'll watch it with you lan
- TO GETTING MY STUDENT VISA!!! americans DO like me!
- To learning how to play cards... and then playing until 3/4/5 AM. *grin* and then to winning
- To meeting new people and having! to talk to them. Its not so scary anymore
- oh and vodka... lots of it. especially when it is free... lots free

ok loves loves you all
comment on something! I feel like i lost you all already

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Once Upon a Time [15 Aug 2005|02:47pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

(Seems like so long ago we used to sit and laugh all of us toghether)

Don't ever forget that I love you all
(quirks and all)
and probably always will

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[04 Aug 2005|11:23pm]
[ mood | crazy ]




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I was there too, but perfectly invisible [26 Jul 2005|12:41am]
[ mood | cold ]

silence is o so defining.

oh what a suprise will it be!

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[16 Jul 2005|11:58pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

EEE!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

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[16 Jul 2005|12:55am]
[ mood | hyper ]

i cut my hair today

just wanted to document it

Dream Away

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